Bahari Beach Hotel

Peponi Bar

  This bar is set below Wabaharia seafood restaurant. Borne out of our cliff development projects and a popular sun downer and the evening spot. This is a drinks bar offering full international merchandise and wide choice of ice cream favours, cappuccino and Espresso coffee. As for all bars, beverages as per your package will be served to you from 10:00 to 23:00hrs..

Mikoko Bar

  This is the poolside bar with the sun deck above it. It derives it's name from Mikoko (Mangrove Posts) bordering the surrounding ground level and the sun deck. It is open from 09.30 to 23.00 hrs serving both all inclusive and non all inclusive beverages. .

Wahabaria Restaurant

  Wabaharia is a specialty seafood restaurant situated at the North end of our beach front. It is open both for lunch and dinner six days a week and closed on Thursday every week.
It is advisable to make booking through reception, Restaurant Supervisor or Direct with the Restaurant.

Kisiwani Pizza Restaurant

  Kisiwani is an Italian cuisine Restaurant, a rich menu is in operation from where you can order your preference. It is open for both lunch and dinner six days a week.

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