Sustainability Efforts

Unwind and embrace happiness at Bahari Beach, where unforgettable experiences meet environmental responsibility. Every aspect of our resort is designed with joy and sustainability in mind. From beach clean-ups and innovative water systems to waste-sorting heroes and energy-saving practices, we’re all about creating a brighter future. We believe in supporting our local community, too, by offering jobs, fostering local businesses, and celebrating cultural traditions.

Join us on our path to a greener tomorrow! Explore how we’re actively protecting the environment and empowering our community.



Our Environmental Conservation Efforts

  • Bahari Beach Hotel spearheads regular cleanups along the beachfront. Staff and guests alike join hands to remove waste, ensuring a beautiful and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.
  • The Bahari Beach Hotel backs annual KWS cleanups by providing drinks and supplies. For example, they donated soda to students at a September 2019 cleanup
  • The Bahari Beach Hotel extends a helping hand to KWS rangers by providing them with meals, water, and restrooms on-site.
  • The resort fosters a thriving ecosystem by planting native palm trees throughout the grounds. This not only enhances the natural beauty of the beachfront property, but also provides vital habitat for local wildlife.

An assortment of drinking glasses with their respective glass bottle arranged at one of the chairs at the Bahari Beach hotel's lounge.

Waste Management Practices

  • We're committed to reducing single-use plastics. We provide refillable drinking glass and stainless steel straws to reduce plastic waste. We also encourage the reuse of some plastic waste for ornamentals.
  • Bahari Beach Hotel provides designated bins meant to segregate waste. This allows for responsible recycling and disposal of each category
  • Once segregated, your waste is picked up by a licensed waste handler. This ensures it's processed and disposed of according to the highest environmental standards
  • To minimize waste from disposable toiletries, we offer shower gel in large dispensers. We also prioritize the use of biodegradable cleaning products throughout the hotel.

Sustainable Water Management Practices

  • Bahari Beach Hotel utilizes a borehole for our water needs, reducing reliance on municipal supplies. The extracted water undergoes rigorous treatment with reverse osmosis to ensure its purity.
  • Treated water is stored in both underground and overhead tanks, ensuring consistent supply. We also utilize low-flow showerheads and faucets to minimize water usage
  • Greywater from laundry and the pool is treated through soak pits, while black and grey water from guest rooms undergoes septic tank treatment before reaching soak pits. Bio-digesters further enhance this process for responsible water recycling.
  • Regular effluent sampling and testing ensure we meet all environmental regulations. We hold a valid Effluent Discharge Licence, demonstrating our commitment to responsible water management.

Bahari Beach Hotel's thatched hotel rooms with solar panels at the top, surrounded by palm trees.

Sustainable Energy Practices at Bahari Beach Hotel

  • Bahari Beach Hotel utilizes solar panels to generate electricity, reducing our reliance on the national grid and promoting clean energy sources
  • Energy extracted from the Solar Panels also heat water for guest rooms and laundry, further reducing our dependence on conventional energy sources.
  • Our backup generator is a fuel-efficient 100 kVA model, used only when necessary. Additionally, we've installed energy-saving bulbs and LED lights throughout the hotel to minimize electricity consumption.
  • We maintain documented records on energy usage, allowing us to monitor our progress and identify opportunities for further efficiency..

Staff Well-being at Bahari Beach Hotel

  • Bahari Beach Hotel's staff receive competitive salaries, annual bonuses based on performance, and profit-sharing through tips. We also cover medical expenses at a designated hospital and provides free meals.
  • Employees are entitled to paid leave, including 26 days of annual leave, 3 months of maternity leave, and 14 days of paternity leave. Travel allowances are provided to support staff needs.
  • Bahari Beach Hotel invests in staff development through in-house training during low season, annual refresher trainings at Utalii College, and training from product suppliers.
  • Effective communication channels are fostered through notice boards. We have a disciplinary committee to ensure fair treatment, and offer free counseling services to staff.

Bahari Beach Hotel overlooking pristine beach in Nyali, Mombasa - Luxury beachfront resort with arched architecture, tropical palm trees, beach loungers on sandy shore, and tranquil ocean views.

A Commitment to Social Sustainability

  • Bahari Beach Hotel prioritizes employing staff from Mombasa, with approximately 80% of our workforce coming from the local area. We also offer opportunities for casual workers.
  • Bahari Beach Hotel provides a platform for local artisans (carvings, artwork) and beach vendors (beadwork) to sell directly to guests, fostering economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs.
  • Internship opportunities are offered at our facility to students from nearby institutions, allowing them to gain valuable experience in the hospitality industry.
  • Bahari Beach Hotel actively supports the Wema Centre, a children's home for orphaned girls. Our support includes donations, fundraising events, and potential employment opportunities for graduates upon completion of their education.
  • Traditional dances (Giriama, Maasai, Pokomo, Taveta) are performed for guests, showcasing local culture. Local cuisine is served during the weekly "African night," and we incorporate design elements and staff attire that reflect Swahili culture.
  • Local taxi drivers are provided with free parking, and water is provided to beach vendors daily, demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of the surrounding community.

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Together We Can Make A Difference

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Bahari's Innovation

At Bahari Beach Hotel we produce a variety of high-quality foods, beverages, daily items, and furniture on-site, complemented by premium products from our sister companies.

Silver eco-rated award awarded to Bahari Beach Mombasa Kenya by Eco tourism Kenya.
Eco Tourism Kenya, Silver Eco Rated Award