Luxury With A Purpose. Bahari Beach’s Eco-Friendly Oasis.

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Nestled along the sun-kissed Kenyan coast, Bahari Beach Hotel offers a luxurious escape with a commitment to sustainable hospitality. In a region where the delicate coastal ecosystem is threatened by pollution, we stand as a symbol of dedication to environmental consciousness. We go beyond standard eco-friendly practices, offering guests not just a retreat but a contribution to the fight against environmental pollution.


Bahari Beach Hotel's thatched hotel rooms with solar panels at the top, surrounded by palm trees.

We integrate sustainability into our operations by harnessing the coastal sun to power eco-friendly initiatives. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy, ensuring that water in accommodation rooms is heated using renewable sources. This not only provides guests with a luxurious experience but also reduces reliance on conventional energy sources, minimizing the overall carbon footprint.


To address the importance of water conservation, we have implemented a water recycling unit. This system purifies waste water into clean water for general use, diminishing the demand on local water resources and contributing to the preservation of the coastal ecosystem.


An assortment of alcoholic drinks arranged at one of the chairs at the Bahari Beach hotel's lounge.

The hotel’s sustainability extends to creative upcycling initiatives, transforming waste into functional and aesthetically pleasing elements. Discarded materials, such as old whiskey bottles and billboard canvases, find new life as unique items, adding an eco-friendly touch to the hotel’s ambiance.

Blue glass bottle with a cork, hanging upside down from the ceiling of the Bahari Beach Hotel. A white light bulb is inside the bottle, illuminating it from within. Text on the bottle reads "Hand Selected Botanicals"


In a bid to minimize plastic waste, we have replaced single-use containers with reusable dispensers for bathing essentials and phased out traditional plastic straws in favour of environmentally friendly paper straws. These measures contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. We also encourage a slipper-free experience in accommodation rooms to reduce ecological impact associated with rubber slipper pollution along the coastal shores. This decision aligns with our commitment to minimizing our overall ecological footprint.


Bahari Beach Hotel transcends its role as a luxury destination, emerging as a sustainable haven along the Kenyan coast. From harnessing solar power to creative upcycling and reducing plastic waste, we embody environmental consciousness. While progress is being made towards plastic-free goals, the hotel has already earned a silver medal in ecotourism awards, setting a high standard for sustainable practices in the industry.

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